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i just used the 0.3.1-1 live cd to move and resize a extendet partition together with moving/resizing some logical partitions (swap, ext3) within at the same time. gparted worked quite well, and  the owning linux system booted flawlessly.

just one minor issue i want to tell. after changes in gparted were finished, it said something about 2 warnings. as i couldn't see any dialogue indicating those warnings, and all the partitions where not marked/flagged any special, and i was too lazy to browse manually throug all partitions, i closed the change-result dialog to search in gparted for some other dialog/log telling me what this warnings have been about.  found out this was not possible, i better should have browsed each partition result right away.

kind of list or log to review what happened would be nice.  or some "highlighting"  in the finish-dialogue. this doesn't exist currently, does it?



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didnt you see the invitation to save the details file of the operation ?????????????????????
(just cant belive it :-p)

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warnings usually mean nothing, so nothing to worry about. but i cannot  believe you didn't notice the 'save details' button. It's sitting next to the closebutton.

Larry is right, it is unbelievable


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no, didnt see this. maybe it was too late at last night. let me see.....  no, can't reproduce this right now. i'll wacht out for next warnings....



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oh i know what it was, during resizing/moving swap you got a warning that there's no way to check the filesystem integrity. This doesn't matter for swap, so don't worry smile


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plors I think it would be best if you made the save details button really big. I seen some other gtk apps doing this like gtkam. Maybe you should even make a box pop-up asking to save the details if an error is detected. Your not dealing with just geeks anymore. wink


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yep, i think the popup is a good idea, but it feels so stupid hmm