Topic: resizing, moving empty space

My 500 GB hard drive is divided into 4 partitions, although sda4 is extended into sda5 and sda6. I have a lot of extra space in sda2, which contains Windows10 OS. I want to move that extra space to sda6, which contains my Linux OS and all my files. Using "Partition > Resize/move" feature to shrink sda2, creating un-allocated space, always fails. I save the 'details, but then can't find it regardless of where I save it. Linux Mint 20.3. GParted 1.0.0.  Any advice?


Re: resizing, moving empty space

The default name of the saved file is /root/gparted_details.htm.

If you are running the GParted application from your Linux Mint distribution the file will still be there on your hard drive.  Otherwise if you are booting GParted Live distribution to run the GParted application then the file only lasts until you shutdown GParted Live distribution.