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Topic: hd dpi displays

on tv/monitor with 1920x1080 and more, no readable labels and text (they are very small for reading) except in lxterminal.
i manage to change dpi with this:

Xft.dpi: 112

but only for root, not for user account
when manually created
created .Xresources with Xft.dpi: 112 inside
created hddpi.squashgfs, and copyed into /live folder. after boot i checked - it exist in /home/user/.Xresources but not worked (it seems that file is not readed or is extracted after xorg is loaded, or user have not permissions for reading)...
when create same think for root and in syslinux replace "user" with "root" the resolution and text are correct, but icons missing... only taskbar with clock (readable) and desktops...
sorry for my poor english