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Topic: Format new SATA laptop internal drive

Dear Colleagues,

I have inserted a new hard drive in to my lenovo x230 and have loaded Gparted via live USB.
I have taken snapshots of the Gparted live screen.
I want to ask, how do I format the unallocated disk space to NTFS step by step ( with out partitioning it or do I have to partition it ) ? ( ready for a fresh install of Windows 7 ).
Also, there is an exclamation mark / triangle next to the hard-drive, when I right click it for more information, it says unrecognised label.
My boot screen options for the live Gparted USB are:
a) Boot from internal HD first, Live USB second b) UFEI/ Legacy boot: Legacy Only with CSM support.
c) SATA option : AHCI 


Re: Format new SATA laptop internal drive

If your desire is to install Windows 7, then no preparatory partitioning or formatting is required. Windows will perform these functions itself.  'Just boot the computer with the Windows 7 media.