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After booting the Gparted LiveCD I ran the fdisk command. Following which I partioned three drives from hdd, three primary partions. Currently I am running the terminal interface, not the GUI. I do not know to start the GUI interface, but that's not the problem. The problem is that when I type mkfs.ext3 /dev/hdd1 the help menu appears, which is rather annoying. How do I bypass this issue?


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kamikosis, you download the GPARTED livecd and then use fdisk and other CLI tools to partition your disk?

furthermore, even if this is still worthy of a topic it belongs in the livecd section.


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Kamikosis wrote:

<snip> I do not know to start the GUI interface<snip>

It should start automatically. Also there is a huge button called 'GParted' on the taskbar tongue

what version of the livecd do you use?


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Not sure, there's no GUI at all. It's all terminal. I just want Gparted to partion the drives for Wolvix.

the Mkfs.ext3 command doesn't work though. The help menu command just comes up.


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please tell us which version you use. If you really don't see any gui (does x start at all?) then you've probably found a bug.


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Kamikosis, i think you just have a problem with video card !
When booting the live cd, choose to load video card modules before going ahead. Then choose your video card, and i think you will get gui ... smile

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