Topic: something went bad and I lost all... ops! :D

That is.
Right now, I am connected from a Ubuntu LiveCD.

Too much planning during the last week... for nothing!

Last night, I ran GParted LiveCD for reorganizing my partitions.
I do the necessary moves (deleting unused and empty partitions, moving from left to right, from right to left, allocating unused space, all that stuff).
Total: 21 operations to be applied.

I click "Apply" and went to sleep.
Today, when I woke up, I see that operation failed at step 11.

Now, I have a 149.5 GB HDD with all the space unallocated. big_smile
Time to start from zero...

I have backed-up the important stuff (unrecovereable data, like docs, photos, etc). But I have lost about 60GB of music and movies, jejejeje.

FYI: I haven-t saved technical information about the error that made the process to fail.
If I'm not wrong, it failed in the process of the first resizing/moving step.

I remember I read something that says "f8f8"...

Before touching my HDD again, I will investigate the chances to save anything from my HDD.
Any advice is appreciated.

If after this afternoon I can't save anything... time to start from zero.



Re: something went bad and I lost all... ops! :D


lo siento for your loss wink However, you should never have done so many operations at once. Granted, it should work, but usually it isn't a good idea.
Also, without the versionnumber of the livecd and without the details i can't do very much. Why didn't you save the details? The errormessage should explain that we need it in order to help you.

About restoring.. you could try testdisk, it's also on the livecd and in my experience a very good tool to rescue your filesystems.


Re: something went bad and I lost all... ops! :D

hi plors!

thanks for replying. I was using last GParted I didn't

Good news:
During the last hour, I have been running several tools included in the Hirens Boot CD and some data is still intact! big_smile
I was able to browse my NTFS partitions and my audio/video/docs data is still there! big_smile
I haven't lost my hope to get back my data.

It seems that GParted have applied more than one change to my HDD, and now, I have an "hybrid" HDD layout, between my old layout and the one I was trying to apply.

There are some new partitions created as expected, but the HDD is unaccessible.
So, it seems that the partition table is broken.

Many of the tools in the Hirens Boot CD offers to fix the partition table, but I'm really afraid now about applying more changes.

Right now, I don't have a second HDD to copy the partitions to it. sad

So, the chances are to try to fix the partition table.
I will give a test to testdisk and to other tools in the Hiren Boot CD.

Please, could you see the list of software included in the Hirens CD and tell me if you have successfully tried anyone? big_smile

Thanks in advance.
I will report back (good news, I hope).