Topic: mount partition using GParted CD


I've downloaded your program Gparted on recommendation from the PCW Mag, in preparation for trying out Ubuntu.

I'm a windows techie (20 yrs) - and thought that I'd try out Linux/Ubuntu.

Unfortunately, I've not been able to download a CRC error free Ubuntu ISO yet to make a CD ... I've requested one.

In the meantime, Gparted can see 4 partitions on my 2nd drive - however they are all unmounted (from what I can see / understand).  They consist of 2 primary partitions -1 x FAT32 & 1 x NTFS, the other two partitions are logical (one NTFS the other FAT32).

as there is no facility to mount the partitions in GParted itself, I had a look at the terminal program ... but have so far been unable to type the correct syntax, to get any of the partitions mounted.

Your help would be appreciated ... the whole experience so far has been quite frustrating ... particularly getting any kind of ISO image from Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance ... and for you patience with a Windows IT Professional  (who will persevere with regards to trying out Ubuntu/Linux, as soon as I get a CD).




Re: mount partition using GParted CD

why do you want to mount partitions?

Also, please use the gparted livecd http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php for partitioning instead of ubuntu's cd. The gparted livecd is more uptodate and is much, much smaller.


Re: mount partition using GParted CD

Hi - I do have the Gparted CD, having downloaded the ISO image from your website ...

- the ISO I was having problems with is the Ubuntu one ...

re the reason for mounting partitions :
- unfortunately, although I checked the mid5sums for the Ubuntu ISO download, the image didn't burn correctly .... and mucked the Hard Disk Partition table up when attempting to install it.

=> I normally use Partition Magic, but it was unable to read the partition table for the HD, and thus could not see the partitions.

however, GParted did ... hence my call for help to see if Gparted / terminal could re-mount the partitions.

trust that helps ?



Re: mount partition using GParted CD

only partly. although gparted can see the partition, you should keep in mind that gparted is not a recoverytool and the livecd is not a recoverydisk.

Do you want to do any partitioning or are you just trying to mount the broken partition and recover some data?

anyway, http://gparted.sourceforge.net/larry/ti … etails.htm contains some pointers on how to mount partition on the livecd.

hope this helps.