Topic: error: can't have a partition outside the disk


Ive seen a few posts on this but none that exactly fit this issue.

This is a 2TB drive and some how the first partition is listed as 7.8TB.

I dont know where to begin to even try and repair this blunder, strange thing is it works fine..
In both linux and windows, and they show the correct size too, but not when you view it from the live disc.

I think it was originally set up with a windows program called mini partition tool or something to that effect.

So im trying to back everything up before i attempt anything on this because im not sure how this is going to go..

Any ideas???


Re: error: can't have a partition outside the disk

This is indeed a strange situation.

It is possible that the tools on the live disc are expecting a sector size of 512 bytes per sector (not 4096 bytes as shown in the screen shot).  You might try another live disc such as the lastest GParted Live.

Alternatively, perhaps the contents of this drive were block copied from a larger drive or RAID?

If so then that would explain why the partition table thinks the drive is larger than the actual physical drive.

From the screen shot I see the drive has 488,378,646 sectors and each sector is 4,096 bytes which leads to a drive size of 1.8 TiB.

The first partition show as size of 2,097,152,000 sectors, which is clearly larger than the reported size of the drive.

Based on this I assume that only the first partition is accessible and that the last three partitions are not accessible.  If this is indeed the case then you might try using a tools such as fdisk or sfdisk to remove the last three partitions and set the end of the first partition to the end of the drive.

For an example on how to edit the partition table using sfdisk, see How-to Fix Invalid MSDOS Partition Tables.

It is highly recommended to have a backup of all your data before editing the partition table with any partition editor.


Re: error: can't have a partition outside the disk


All drives are accessible but your right, i just took this screen shot from gparted with the system running because im still backing up data.

And this says its 512bytes per sector, not 4096bytes as the live disc shows in the first image.

I can't remember what version I have so i might get the latest update of the live cd and see if that makes any difference.
Once it finishes backing up.


Re: error: can't have a partition outside the disk

The issue does indeed sound like a problem recognizing the proper sector size (512 bytes versus 4096 bytes).

Hopefully a new live image of the distro you used will resolve the issue.


Re: error: can't have a partition outside the disk

Well i read the example above and few others and did manage to shrink it back down to the correct sizes, but not with out a lot of fussing and carrying that's for sure.  Followed by a lot of io errors but i did get the last of the data i needed which wasn't  much off.. Then i used the latest version of the live cd to wipe and start from scratch


Re: error: can't have a partition outside the disk

Thanks for reporting back.  If you have more details on how you resolved the issue then it might help others in a similar situation if you can post the steps you used.