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Is it possible to add support of exFAT in GParted?


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There are licensing complications regarding exfat.

see prior forum request:  exFAT (aka FAT64)


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exFAT has support using the exfat-utils package, at least in Debian distributions (in some form since 2011).  It's GPL-3.  The current version is 1.0.1-1 in Ubuntu.
It contains:
* dumpexfat
* exfatfsck
* exfatlabel
* fsck.exfat
* mkexfatfs
* mkfs.exfat

Can better support be added through this package?


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When I last looked at exFAT there appeared to be a licensing issue with Microsoft and the exFAT file system.

The GParted project does not have a legal team, and hence relies on the actions of major GNU/Linux distributions when deciding whether to include a package in GParted Live.

Previously we stated that we would hold off on using exFAT until all major GNU/Linux distributions were distributing an exFAT package.  Today when I checked, Red Hat still does not offer an exFAT package.

For more details see:

Bug 639760 - exfat / fat64 support? - Comment #14.