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Topic: exFAT (aka FAT64)

It would be nice if GParted Live CD allow me to create exFAT (aka FAT64) partitions.


Re: exFAT (aka FAT64)

Are there any GNU/Linux tools available to work with FAT64 file systems?

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Re: exFAT (aka FAT64)

gedakc wrote:

Are there any GNU/Linux tools available to work with FAT64 file systems?

Linux kernel exFAT read only beta patch: http://userweb.kernel.org/~hirofumi/exfat/exfat.tar.gz

Standalone module driver that you can build outside the kernel as long as you have a
recent version of the kernel sources installed (currently 2.6.27) can be found at:


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A bug report has also been raised requesting exfat (fat64) support:

Bug 639760 - exfat / fat64 support?


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An enhancement to detect exfat file systems was included in the GParted 0.10.0
release on November 1, 2011.


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Is GParted now able to legally use exfat?  Perhaps, but perhaps not.

Key points:

- Recently Microsoft joined the Open Invention Network.
- Members of OIN have a patent non-aggression pact with other members.
- GParted is also a member of OIN.  Search for GParted.

This article indicates that OIN members might be able to use exfat without fear of patent litigation:
Microsoft opened its patents by joining the Open Invention Network (OIN).  What does that really mean?

However, this article implies that the exfat patent was not included in the patent portfolio included with Microsoft joining OIN:
Software Freedom Conservancy - Thoughts on Microsoft Joining OIN's Patent Non-Aggression Pact

It appears that it is unclear whether the exfat patent was included in the portfolio shared with OIN members.


Re: exFAT (aka FAT64)

'Just updating this request with a current link to Microsoft Legal Resources - exFAT.