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Topic: SSD alignment simplification / making it a single step process

Hi there,

could you please implement the possibility to choose not only an MiB alignment for the starting area of a partition but also an alignment to different units, e.g. sectors?

I follow all the guides from the web to realign me ntfs primary partition to sector 64 or 128 or whatever they recommend, but it always happens to become a multi - step process. (this is one of the guides: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hardwar … -data.html ). As i do not simply create a new partition, which would work perfectly fine with mkpart from parted i have this request. What i try to do is to realign the image backup of my old non-ssd hdd to my new ssd hdd. So i do not da a fresh install, but try to use my already existing installation which i brought over with clonezilla.

What i have to do to use gpartd to align my primary ntfs partition to starting sector 64 is:
#1 move the partition back some MiBs to make room in the beginning of the disk ( at least i can combine this with the extention of the partition to the end of the disk )
#2 create a new partition in the beginning of the disc, having it start from sector 63 and end on sector 127. This is done to force gpartd later on the start at 128 during resize
#3 resize partition again to move it to the beginning of the disc right after the partition created in step 2. Afterwards it will be perfectly aligned with e.g. sector 128
(#4 eventually i have to do crazy mumbo jumbo to make it boot again, because somewhere on the way it got lost, already happened my tries, but dont ask me why smile )

So please allow me to choose the new starting sector during the realignment operation, not only a MiB offset. This would save me ~ 60 minutes of staring at my screen waiting for it to finish so that i can finally use it big_smile

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Re: SSD alignment simplification / making it a single step process

Thanks for reporting this request.

See also MiB alignment.