Topic: IDE disks not recognized

Hi, sorry for my frenglish. wink

I've got a problem, my IDE disks aren't recognized by Gparted, there is only the SATA disk (Western digital raptor) where is Windows which is recognized. The both IDE disk are on the same "patch?" and this is one of them that I want to "partitionnate?".

IDE1: Maxtor 6E040L0
IDE2: Maxtor 6Y080P0

I've tryed to change the first line of the first screen (SCSI/SATA) and select the IDE/SCSI line but it is the same thing...

Thanks. smile


Re: IDE disks not recognized

Hello Brice. Le francias ne posera pas de probleme, mais on va rester en anglais pour que d'autres puissent repondre :-p
"patch" seems to be IDE cable, i guess.
Could you please boot off the livecd, and then open a shell and type this :
# fdisk -l  ### where "l" is a lower case "L"
and post here the output of the command ?
Be aware to save the output file on mounted partition or usb stick or floppy.
Don't know how to do this ? have a look there : http://gparted.sourceforge.net/larry/ti … etails.htm
Unfortunatly i didnt yet write the french translation wink

Are you okay with that ?

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Re: IDE disks not recognized

Hi Larry, I think that I've undestood  but now I have another problem, after the start menu I have this message :

"no GParted Live CD Found!!!
Kernel panic - not syncing : Attempted to kill init!!!"

If the program start, how the cd cannot be found ?! hmm

I 've searched on the forum and I found a thread but it don't give response.
I use a USB DVD recorder (with Record now), it write and read the cd-RW...


Re: IDE disks not recognized

I wonder if you have the very last livecd version ?
Just because this problem sound to be fixed in the last relaese (but it is one month old, and ... never know)
could you please try with the last livecd if you didnt ?

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Re: IDE disks not recognized

I had already the last release, in any case meanwhile I have change the BIOS (F6 instead F2 version, it can explain it...)  of my motherboard and the cd start. smile

This is the result of the fdisk command (I take a photo tongue) :

In real I've got 1 SATA and 2 IDE
HD0 SATA NTFS C: ~18GO  D: ~18GO
HD1 IDE NTFS E: 40GO (with a small FAT32 partition of 32MO before and a free space of some MO after)



Re: IDE disks not recognized

Your Sata is directly connected to your motherboard, or do you use any pci card ?
This is weird ! It could come from missing drivers on the livecd !

Unfortunatly we are out of manager for the livecd, so we can't fix this for the moment sad ...

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Re: IDE disks not recognized

Yes the SATA disk is directly connected.

The motherboard is a Gigabyte 965P-DS4 with only one IDE slot...

thank you nevertheless. wink