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Hi again.

First, I want to share this article by Radified:
Hard Drive Partitioning Strategies

That's the guide I followed two years ago when I bought my 160 GB HDD and I wanted to do a good and optimal partitioning.
It's a bit Windows-user centered, but it also suggests about creating partitions for installing and testing a Linux distro (of course, I did it!)

This is how my 160GB HDD is actually partitioned (since two years ago):

* Primary partitions
** C: (4GB FAT 32) > boot partition / run DOS programs / possible "bridge" partition
** Local Disk (4GB Ext3) > for installing a Linux distro
** SWAPSPACE2 (512MB linux swap) > Linux swap
** Extended partition (143 GB)

* Logical partitions (inside extended)
** D: (12GB NTFS) > System partition (for installing Windows and programas)
** E: (18GB  NTFS) > Games partition (for installing big games and keep them separated from system)
** F: (35GB NTFS) > Audio partition (.mp3s and .ape files)
** G: (25GB NTFS) > Video partition (video files)
** H: (15GB NTFS) > Docs partition (documents)
** I: (15GB NTFS) > Downloads
** J: (10GB NTFS) > Downloads
** K: (7GB NTFS) > Downloads
** K: (3GB FAT32) > another "bridge" partition for sharing things between linux and Win

That worked fine for me for the last two years, during that period I just used WinXP

But now, everything is about to change... (like they say in movie trailers!)

I have installed Ubuntu Linux in the 4GB partition, but I think that I will need more space in the near future.
Also, I have been reading many how-tos and first-steps and they recommend to move /home to a different partition. This is another nice article: Plan Partition

So, I want to give more HD space to all the linux stuff.
I'm thinking about downsizing the C: to just 1GB (or even less!) and then, grant the free space (


Re: Hard Drive Partitioning Strategies

sorry, i don't have time to read all of this smile
i only read the bold part and since 0.3 we can move startpoints, so you should be able to do whatever you want.

have fun smile


Re: Hard Drive Partitioning Strategies

Hi plors,

Whenever you want, you can read the full post! wink

Or at least, please, give me your advice on this. Thanks!