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My current setting on a 80GB HDD is
C: 25GB (Boot)
D: 20GB
E: 20GB
F: 15GB

I tried to grow my C drive as I need more space for programs, but I realised I couldn't do it when using GParted.

The other partitions are grouped (seen in GParted screen) together.

How do I go about growing C drive? I saw a 'maximum' size in each partition. I decided I want to have just 1 boot partition, and 2 other partitions for storage.


Re: Grow Partition

i can't do anything with this information. Please send us a screenshot of gparted, so we have an idea of what your disk looks like.

Also, what version of gparted are you using? You need the latest if you want to move the start of a partition.



Re: Grow Partition

I am using the latest version 0.31 LiveCD.

I am having some problem locating the screenshot I took. It stated that the jpeg file is located at /root. I also attempted to send the screenshot to desktop (create link) which I couldn't find after I start Windows.

I am using Win XP.

More guidelines please.



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you need some webspace to display the image. please upload it somewhere and paste the url here.

If that's really not an option you could post the output of fdisk -lu <device> here...


Re: Grow Partition

Sorry, I meant I couldn't locate the screenshot which I took in Gparted.


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