Topic: please add shred to livecd/usb


First, I just wanted to say thanks for a great partitioning tool and for the continued development.

I'd like to be able to use shred securely erase a partition or disk right before using GParted.  Yes, I can boot with some other media with a similar tool and then with GParted to do the same, but I'd appreciate the convenience of having shred on the same media as GParted.

And I guess I just thought of another feature request: I had originally thought to run it from the terminal, but maybe it would prove to be a useful feature to add to GParted itself?

Initially, I wanted to request the entirety of the GNU Core Utilities, but I realized that might be adding too much size to the image and also changing the purpose of the image to more of a rescue disc type of thing.  (Not that I would complain to have a good rescue disc with GParted!)  I'm pretty new to linux and so I don't even know if you can really split out shred from the rest of the utilities, but if it can I'd like that feature added.

Thanks again for the great work!



Re: please add shred to livecd/usb

there are already plans to include shredlike functionality in gparted, so there is no need for this.

thanks anyway smile


Re: please add shred to livecd/usb

Sounds great!  Thanks!


Re: please add shred to livecd/usb

Just out of curiosity, has shred (or that functionality) been added to the LiveCD?