Topic: [SOLVED] Creation of HFS+ partitions

Ahoy hoy!

Before I start: GParted officially kicks ass smile

A search on your forums for the keyword "HFS+" brings up no results so I'm assuming no one's asked why GParted doesn't support the creation of HFS+ partitions (yet?).

Has it just not been implemented yet or is it not possible? I've been using GParted for ages now and I've never been able to create one (and HFS sucks 'cause the max size for the FS is 2gb; not enough to install OSX86 tongue)

I do have a workaround since the OSX86 installer can format FAT* (and NTFS I think) partitions into HFS+ but I would reeaaallly like to be able to organise my triple boot system in GParted (since it kicks so much ass smile)



Re: [SOLVED] Creation of HFS+ partitions

Hi ,
I guess this is on the Plors todo list, but maybe your are to few to ask it for he works more on it :-p

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Re: [SOLVED] Creation of HFS+ partitions

hmmz, this has been on the TODO for a long time. I even bookmarked an url with info about this. Basicly adding support for this would take about 1 minute, but i think there were/are some (legal) problems with this.
The url i referred to is http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_hfsplus#Cr … fs.hfsplus

Maybe you can do some research on potential problems?



Re: [SOLVED] Creation of HFS+ partitions

The ability to create and check hfs+ file systems has been added to the gparted SVN repository for inclusion in the next release of GParted (0.3.9).

These additional capabilities are provided by the hfsprogs package which can be found in the Debian and Ubuntu 8.04 repositories.