Topic: [SOLVED]It just scans the drives -live cd

I am a newb to Gnome and do not know to much but I learn fast.

The live cd boots fine and Gparted starts to run but it just scans I can not get it past scanning drive I have let it run for 30min and nothing just scanning. Once I close Gparted I can not restart the app with out reboot. I have 2 IDE 60gb maxtor drives and a new SATA 160gb maxtor. I just installed the SATA controller card with VIA chip set. XP can see all 3 of the drives. I have a 2002 gateway with an Intel mother board


Re: [SOLVED]It just scans the drives -live cd

Hello areed !
Which version of the livecd did you try ? ?

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Re: [SOLVED]It just scans the drives -live cd

It's caused because I have floppy support built into the kernel. In the next release it will have it built as a module. Disable the floppy in bios. Your floppy is missing, right?


Re: [SOLVED]It just scans the drives -live cd

Yes I was using .2.5.3. Once I removed the floppy drive it worked fine.

THX for the help


Re: [SOLVED]It just scans the drives -live cd