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Topic: [SOLVED] Can one repartition safely with 'unmovable files'?


I'd like to install Ubuntu on my laptop (HP Pavilion dv4000, Pentium M 1.73GHz, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HD, WinXP Home SP2).
I want to do it as a dual-boot. I've read up on repartitioning my HD, going do it with GParted running from CD.
But one thing still worries me and before I start I was hoping if someone could offer advice. I've already defragmented my drive a few times, but what bugs me are some 'unmovable files' in my free space (showing up as a green band in Windows' diskdefragger screen) When I resize my Windows partition will GParted be able to move these files or is this just going to mess up XP?
Thanking you kindly for any help


Re: [SOLVED] Can one repartition safely with 'unmovable files'?

Yep, don't worry about them smile

IMPORTANT!! use the latest gparted livecd and not the ubuntu livecd! Usually the gparted version in ubuntu is quite old and sometimes even dangerous to use.

Oh and as always, make a backup of important files smile


Re: [SOLVED] Can one repartition safely with 'unmovable files'?

Thanks. Apparently the 'unmovable files' were just XP's pagefile. I disabled it, defragged again and they were gone. Just finished resizing with the GParted LiveCD and started XP up again and all's well. Great piece of software, thanks smile


Re: [SOLVED] Can one repartition safely with 'unmovable files'?

No, thank you for reporting back and editing in the [SOLVED]. smile We are glad it worked out for you.