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I habe a suggestion for a new feature:

create/edit partition label



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track progress on this in http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=338528

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I would like to be able to set the partition type before or after creating/copying a partition, for instance, x"DE" for a Dell PowerEdge diagnostic partition. I'm not sure that's the same as the "partition label" mentioned above. Maybe something along the lines of a check box to copy the partition type in addtion to the partition contents. Thanks for the good work!


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Yes ! If you wanna label any partition calling it : ilovemicro$ , you can do it !
...but this is not safe :-D

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I have to do some research in partitiontypes. Afaik libparted only supports a couple and e.g. "DE" is not one of them.
Because even during copy we don't really 'copy' the partition, but merely create a new one on the destination and then copy the filesystem, we need to have 'set support' for partitiontypes if you want them on new partitions.

It's definetily  somewhere on the TODO smile


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GParted version 0.3.6 has support for partition labels (also known as volume labels).
To change partition labels, use the GParted menu option "Partition -> Label".

Full partition label support (read and write) is available for the following file systems:
  ext2, ext3, fat16, fat32, jfs, ntfs, reiserfs, and xfs.
Partial support (set volume label on file system creation only) is available for:
  hfs, linux-swap, and reiser4.

New Dependencies (Optional):

    * mtools required to read and write fat16 and fat32 labels.
    * vol_id command required to read linux-swap labels.