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We've been using Gparted rather than Ghost to clone our systems.  A one button solution to do this would be an excellent addition. 

>Blow away target drives partition structure.
>Copy source partiton structure and partitions to target.
>If single partition exists, resize to fill drive.
>Set patition flag to 'Boot'

Maybe I'm on the wrong track... but anyways. smile

Other than that..... EXCELLENT WORK!  Thanks!!!


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Hi Griminal,

follow progress on this in http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=344347


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Awesome!  Thanks to all for making my job less stressful.  This feature will rock!


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maybe you could hep a bit by telling us what you would expect from such a feature in that bug? How do other partitionmanagers solve this? etc...

Just some backgroundinfo smile


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Hmm.  Well.  I work for a hospital.  We have 4 different configurations of desktops.  My two main goals are to clone WinXP machines for deployment and to clone Linux installs for donating old PCs.

I know TrueImage allows you to select a source and destination drive.  You then select copy.  It sets up the master boot record and the boot flag.

IMO, Ghost, Partition Magic, and TrueImage don't stand up in ease of use and speed compared to Gparted... and don't get me started about the price!  Using your tool, we've been able to cut down to a 15-20 minute deployment time for new systems.

Before I came on staff, the IT department was using Ghost.  Gparted does the job in about half the time.  (I don't have benchmarks... just a good guess.)

'bout all I can say.  We keep up on the latest releases.  We'll be posting any bugs we find. wink

Keep up the good work!


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i'm a bit suprised by this difference in speed. For us the absolute limit is the max IO throughput of the disk. There is now way we can do it any faster and i would expect other programs to do this as well..

Anyway, nice to hear smile