Topic: [SOLVED] "I need vista", or "Vista'testers wanted"

Okay, i'm joking : no need of Vista ! But i really need some of you to make tests on resizing Vista, and feedback.
If someone uses vista and is able to move, resize, copy it , please let me know !

thx !

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Re: [SOLVED] "I need vista", or "Vista'testers wanted"

hello Larry

I've tested today the livecd on two HD's:
1. using winxp, creating a second partition
problems: only had the choice of another primary partition and afterwards pc slows down...
but it did what was promised
(could also be the fact that i've ghosted to a 5400 rpm HD... virus ok, spyware ok, HD integrity ok)
2. using the same HD with win xp als master, as slave submitted a HD with a vista primary partiton (25gb), unallocated pace (20gb), and two other logical partitions of 80 and 30gb)
I wanted to enlarge the vista partition... but it's just not possible... It isn't an option, only had the option to shrink.

I've tested yesterday other partition programs, and another brand halted in the middle of the proces, so I lost my data (fortunately I backupped everything on a external HD)
Just to say yhat your version seems to me more stable than other programs///
Now, could you guys help me any further with enlarging my vista partition?



Re: [SOLVED] "I need vista", or "Vista'testers wanted"

I have *almost* successfully used GParted to resize my windows Vista partition. The problem seems to be that GParted doesn't preserve the master boot record or something.

I could only successfully boot Vista after I had inserted my "rescue DVD" which did some magic to the partition and voila, it worked.

After this, I was able to install Grub and boot without any problem into vista or linux.

I noticed the "Info" button on the liveCD states that it probably won't work to resize vista, but it does provided the "rescue dvd" is intelligent enough to fix the problems without re-installing windows.

I don' know if this helps but it's what worked for me.