Topic: Remove/Add space for particion

I need to know how can I remove space for a determinated partition and then add this space removed to other partition using GParted

I try the only thing I think I can do, remove space from the first partition and then add this space for the second partition.

So first, I go into the settings for the first partition and click on Recize/Move.

Then I'll resize this partition to make free space for the other partition.

Now, I click to check if the operation is applied.

And, right now, I have free space to add to the other partition.

But, when I go into the second partition setup to add this new free space, I can't do it, I can't increase the size/space of the second partition, and I don't know what to do.


Re: Remove/Add space for particion

From what you said it is unclear how the first and second partitions are laid out on disk.  Anyway it's likely that Moving Space Between Partitions covers what you need to do.