Topic: Bad links in FAQ #16 on GParted.org

The web pages at the links on FAQ number 16 are no longer available on Microsoft.com.
Please do NOT resolve the problem by deleting FAQ 16.  The information is surely available from other sources, and it is needed more than ever, now that Microsoft has chosen to delete it from their web site.  (I apologize if this problem has been reported previously; this forum does not allow a search for "XP".)

Perhaps these pages are available on Archive.org, although I do not have enough experience with that web site to know why my search fails.  I found some links and information about the Recovery Console on the web site LifeWire.com that appear to be helpful, but I can not be sure without the original Microsoft pages to compare.  This forum does not allow me to include more than one link in this post.
I hope that someone can help who has more knowledge than I do about these commands.

Thanks very much!


Re: Bad links in FAQ #16 on GParted.org

Thanks for the heads up Lloyd.  Secondary links have been added beside the original links for FAQ 16.

To use archive.org/web I enter the original URL into the website.  Then I have to go back through the years until I find a date with a blue circle.  Then I open that link in a new window with the hope that it is the proper page.  If not then I continue the search back in time.  'Hope that helps.