Topic: Using gparted-live-1.4.0-1 creating an BTRFS installed OS not start

I had created partitions using gparted-live-1.3.1-1
ext2 boot
btrfs root
btrfs home
Installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 kernel 5.11

Now if doing the same actions above using gparted-live-1.4.0-1 after the OS was installed not is possible OS start showing error messages about not being possible read files from root.

gparted-live-1.4.0-1 use kernel 5.16.14-1.
Perhaps not is possible install OS using kernel 5.11 in an BTRFS partition created using kernel 5.16.14-1 ?

Only reporting that issue.
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Re: Using gparted-live-1.4.0-1 creating an BTRFS installed OS not start

I did the below test.  I realise my test is only reading one file from a btrfs, where as your test is installing an OS into a btrfs and trying to boot from it.

The kernel not able to read OS files at boot sounds like the Ubuntu kernel may be too old for the btrfs file system created by GParted 1.4.0.  That is a question you would have to ask the btrfs support email list.

In a VM which contained Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (kernel 5.4.0).
1. Added 2 blank drives.
2. Booted using gparted-live-1.3.1-1-amd64.iso;
   Ran GParted;
   Created a partition table;
   Created btrfs partition;
   Copied a file to the partition.
3. Booted using gparted-live-1.4.0-1-amd64.iso;
   Repeated the same test on the second blank drive.
4. Rebooted back to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
   Mounted both btrfs file systems and successfully read both files.