Topic: Restore deleted partition table

Hey,as topic says i want to ask.
Is is possible to restore deleted partition table from Gparted?
Im asking because my brother has played with Gparted and pressed ''Create a new partition table'' 2 or 3 times.
Now i want to restore pictures that were located at the same HDD,but the programs that i have used to restore them can't find any of those pics.


Re: Restore deleted partition table

Theoretically Device > Attempt Data Rescue can be used.  However it is incredibly slow and will use 100% CPU while scanning.  Modern HDD and SSD sizes would take days to scan!
GParted forum -> GParted -> Have you had a good or bad experience with Dev->Attempt Data Rescue?

Try using TestDisk.


Re: Restore deleted partition table

I already tried TestDisk,but it seems the data in the partition table was deleted when my stupid bro pressed ''Create a new partition table'...
Any other suggestion?


Re: Restore deleted partition table

In that case use photorec, (Photorec Step By Step).