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Trying to use gparted (opensuse version, installed from the repos), and after selecting changes, etc, there is no way to apply them.
Either trying to apply to existing UNMOUNTED partitions, or even creating new in empty space.

(Agree with all other comments re: GParted creator - is certainly a great blocker for bots, as the answer - Bart Hakvoort -  is almost unfindable!!)

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Re: No apply tick

The only reason that I know of for the tick button (Apply All Operaions) to not be shown is when the main window is not wide enough to dispay the device name in the drop down and all the action buttons.  In that case the buttons that don't fit are put into a drop down.

1. You can used Edit > Apply All Operations, as documented in the GParted Manual, section Applying All Operations.
GParted main window

2. Or click on the drop down to access the extra buttons.
GParted main window

3. Also optionally make the main window wider until all the action buttons are displayed.


Re: No apply tick

OK, I stuffed up...
Something (?) had changed icon colours, and I couldn't see the "Undo" and "Apply" buttons.... (Probably me!)
Sorry about the bum steer...