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I have made this request before and I will try again. First of all gparted is a very good program. But the one thing in my mind which keeps it from being a truly great program is that I can not copy a partition to a destination area whos size is greater than or equal to the size of the source partition's used data but less than the size of the source's partition total size. This to me is completely illogical, since my destination area needs to be only the size of the used data for a copy to be successful. GParted would be so much easier to use if it allowed this. Amazingly GParted "knows" the size of the used data for a source partition, as it shows me this information for each partition in its main window when viewing the partitions on a particular drive. So GParted absolutely "knows" the size of the used data for any given partition it can handle, but will refuse to let me copy just that used data to a destination area that is at least that used data size but is less than the total size of the source. How hard can it be, when knowing the size of the used data, to allow this feature to occur. And indedd how useful it would be if I could copy a large partition to a smaller destination area whose size is large enough to encompass the used data of the source ! Yet each time I suggest this it is met by some excuse why this can not be a feature of GParted. Really I appreciate the effort made by developers working for free on their own time to work on GParted, since I do the same in another context ( I am a Boost C++ developer who has contributed two libraries to Boost and also maintains another Boost library ). But why this logical feature can not be part of GParted, since it would obviously be useful and seemingly could be done fairly easily, I do not know. Is it because GParted depends on Parted, and Parted would have to be changed ? Please consider this feature seriously. It is completely logical and it would make GParted so much more flexible to use, and it should be so easy to do.


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