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Topic: Nwipe integration


Would it be possible to implement Nwipe as part of the Gparted LiveCD?

Right now if I need to secure erase a disk using the Gparted LiveCD I launch a Terminal window and put in

sudo shred -v -z -n 8 /dev/sdX

Thing is if I have multiple disks to erase, I must open a window for each disk and put in the same command.

Also, nwipe would make it easier for a Linux newbie than shred is.

There is a ShredOS LiveCD taking advantage of nwipe as in booting directly to it, but there are some usb keyboard detection issues with certain motherboard USB chipsets the ShredOS developer is investigating. He's actually the one who suggested that asking Gparted Live dev community to investigate and implementing Nwipe on the Gparted LiveCD.



Re: Nwipe integration

Here's the dev link to ShredOS.


Re: Nwipe integration

Sure. As a start, GParted live 1.2.0-2 has included nwipe. Please give it a try:
https://sourceforge.net/projects/gparte … g/1.2.0-2/



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FYI - As noted on the nwipe home page, it is already included in SystemRescue.

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Re: Nwipe integration

Agreed, it's nice to now have it on Gparted as well.

Also, ShredOS with its automation possibilities on boot will be seriously awesome once they've added some missing USB device drivers.

Thanks again!


Re: Nwipe integration

For those who might be interested in a LiveCD image that would boot directly into Nwipe and can be automated easily (it's documented) to boot into nwipe, an update with more USB drivers is now available from ShredOS. I've tested it with. the 2 computers that were loosing the keyboard and it works.

Just another option.