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Hey there,

I just downloaded the latest version of GParted Live and flashed it to a USB drive. I was able to get it booted just fine, but for whatever reason the touchpad doesn't work at all, meaning I can't move around my mouse. I can plug in a USB mouse and use that - but then I can't use that USB port for the external hard drive I needed GParted for in the first place. In other words - unless I'm able to use my touchpad - then this software is basically useless to me.

I've always had good luck with GParted in the past and that's why I chose it this time around when my hard drive crashed and I realized it was about to fall. I'm trying to rescue as much data off if it as possible while I still can. For some reason I can only access the drive when it's plugged into an external USB enclosure. Trying to plug it back into the internal SATA port yields no results. I'm not sure why. Unfortunately I can't just simply "clone" the drive because it's 2 TB in size and that's way bigger than anything else I own. Unfortunately I'm flat broke now thanks to the pandemic so I can't even afford to buy another 2 or 3 TB hard drive of any kind, which means I can't clone the my failing hard drive. My only option is to go in and try to selectively copy as much data as I can before the drive fails completely.

If the partition in question was from a Windows machine this wouldn't be a problem - but it's not. It's from my Ubuntu machine, meaning the partition I'm trying to rescue data from is an ext4 partition and my Windows machines can't even see it. Hence why I flashed GParted Live to a USB stick. I was going to use it to try and rescue as much data as I could from my failing ext4-partitionef hard drive. But if I can't use my touchpad, then I won't be able to do that.

Please Help.

And thanks in advance!


Re: Touchpad not working

Does the touchpad work when you boot other live media?  For example Ubuntu 20.10 Live?