Topic: Support for NVMe drives and Bitblocker

Two quick questions.

Does GParted support NVMe drives?

I assume you cannot modify partitions if they are encrypted using Bitblocker?  Dell Laptops are now shipping with the drives encrypted using Bitblocker.  I assume I will need to remove the encryption first modify the partitions and then reapply the encryption if I want them to be encrypted. 

Is that correct?

I want to split a 1TB drive into two 512 GB drives.


Re: Support for NVMe drives and Bitblocker

Yes, GParted supports NVMe drives.
[Edit: Since GParted 0.24.0 (2015-10-27)]

Correct, GParted can't resize Bitlocker encrypted partitions.

With the usual caveats:
1. Have backups of your data, especially for encrypted data which can become permanently inaccessible after a failure.
2. I've not tried this, just found it from a quick search, ...

According to Move and Resize the Recovery and LUKS Partitions with Ubuntu Live it looks easy to resize Bitlocker from Windows 10 using standard tools provided with Windows.

[Edit: GParted can move but not resize partitions containing unrecognised binary data, including Bitlocker encryption, since GParted 0.33.0 (2018-12-13).  However doing so will probably trigger Bitlocker Recover Mode because the partition table is one items checked for tampering / modification duing the secure Windows boot process.  What causes BitLocker Recovery Mode?]


Re: Support for NVMe drives and Bitblocker

Thanks you.  I will give that a try