Topic: No Network Setup Icon...

I just downloaded 0.33.0-1-amd64 iso image and I have no network setup icon on the desktop.  What is the command line equivalent for the icon?  Thanks in advance.



Re: No Network Setup Icon...

The shortcut for the Network Config icon is stored in the ~/.idesktop/netcfg.lnk file.

The command that this shortcut/icon runs is:

sudo lxterminal -l -e gl-live-netcfg

'Hope that helps.


Re: No Network Setup Icon...

I am on the right path.  The command opens the terminal window but it does not persist.  I tried running it in the background but still does not persist.  Any thoughts?


Re: No Network Setup Icon...

If you open a terminal window then run the command:

sudo gl-live-netcfg

In the meantime I tested the 0.33.0-1-amd64 iso image in VirtualBox and it displayed a Network Config icon so I do not know what is occuring on your image.  You might try comparing the MD5 checksum of your downloaded file to see if it matches the ones on the web site.