Topic: Got more free space in c drive after shrinking it with gparted

I have a laptop with OEM vista and i wanted to try linux and i had a NTFS file system C: Drive and a NTFS file system D: drive, what i did was defraged both C and D drivers and deleted the D: drive using Windows built in partition manager and Shrinked C drive also but out of 186 GB Of C drive the windows built in partition manager was allowing me to shrink it to 145 GB Only even though the used space of C drive was 66 GB, i Shrinked C drive to the maximum shrinking vista was allowing me wich is 145 GB, i wanted to shrink it up to 80 GB, so i booted into manjaro-xfce-18.0.1 live USB and opened the terminal and typed sudo su and then typed gparted and opend gparted and i Saw that the C drive (dev/sda2) was showing used space 66 GB same as it was showing in vista, and i clicked it and Shrinked it to 80.25 GB, And booted into Windows and vista was running check disk at the bootup automatically and i booted without any problem and since it is recommended to boot in to Windows two times after partitioning, i shutdown and booted in to Windows again, and when i checked the my computer the c drive was showing 42 GB used space and i was shocked because before shrink the C drive with gparted the used space was 66 GB and after shrinking i have gained a 24 GB free space, just to make sure i booted in to manjaro-xfce-18.0.1 live USB again to see what the gparted was showing and its the same it was showing C drive used space as 42 GB, i booted in to vista and checked hibernating and it was working fine, and since it was a fresh install of a vista i didn't have any software installed, i had only one game installed i tried that game everything seems to work fine, so far i didn't get any problems in the windows vista it is working fine, i looked at the page file it was set to 3 GB and no problem with that, i checked system restore points and my two system restore point i created from the initial stage of the windows installation was gone. My question is how did i gain 24 GB free space after shrinking, what really happened should i be worried or did anything go worg or will i get any problems in the future. Or did i even loose 24 GB of windows system data which i have no way of cross checking because if it was my files i will spot it but this is just windows and one game and game works fine and i have no idea what happened to Windows file os is it a problem to be fixed.


Re: Got more free space in c drive after shrinking it with gparted


It is not easy to read and understand all this text with no paragraphs and almost no periods.
Anyway, I understand that your o.s. was freshly installed over an older installation. I guess that previous restore points and eventually stored updates were deleted by windows vista after the first or second reboot. Take into account that freed space doesn't necessarily show immediately, perhaps is takes effect after reboot (I suspect it from my own experience, concerning system files; with ordinary user's files it is perhaps simpler).

Such restore points seem to be useless to a fresh install. Perhaps the system will receive a number of updates, issued before stopping update support date (about 2-3 years ago, I think). 42 GB isn't small for a new system. This includes page file, temporary system and internet files, language packages, web browser(s), microsoft applications like outlook, office etc, plus your installed applications (in this case the game). A fresh vista install on a professional desktop computer with an office software package can be about 15 GB, no more than 20 GB. Of course, system updates and restore points can make it 40 GB or more some years later.

So, I don't think you lost anything useful. Please, be careful to keep at least 15% free disk space to ensure that the o.s. runs well. And don't forget to take backup from time to time.

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***