Topic: Moving and copying Unknown and other unsupported file system types

After this forum topic:  Can't move/rezise partition on android device (unknown format)

I was thinking of making GParted be able to move and copy partitions containing Unknown and other unsupport file system types.  While GParted isn't going to be able to run any sort of file system check on the content, I don't see any reason why such a partition can't be moved or even copied so long as the partition stays the same size.  GParted can just use it's existing internal block copy routine it uses for moving
and copying most partition content.

I was thinking of enabling move and copy for these unsupported file system types:

  • Unknown

  • Bitlocker

  • GRUB2 core image

  • ISO9660

  • Linux SWRaid

  • Linux SWSuppend

  • REFS

  • ZFS

Copying has an issue that duplicating content that relies on UUIDs actually being unique may cause issues.  The it will be up to the user to not to try to enable one of the copies while there is a duplicate copy of the content still connected to the host.  Will affect: Linux SWRaid; probably affects: REFS, ZFS too.



Re: Moving and copying Unknown and other unsupported file system types

Hi Mike,

NTFS is one such file system that cannot simply be moved because the FS itself contains the offset from the beginning of the disk drive.  It's the only one that I know of currently that has this limitation.

Most other FSes don't track where on the disk the FS starts.

Adding a "move unknown FS" feature is useful as long as our users assume all responsibility for the consequences.  We might consider adding a pop-up note to this effect.