Topic: Gparted does not say anything

Gparted is silent, that worries me.
When I start the data recovery, after validation, Gparted remains motionless.
I see that the disc is working. I am well aware that the time is long.
But after 1 hour, 5 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours (Yes! Yes!) without always any indication, it worries me.
How to see the progress of work?


Re: Gparted does not say anything

For data recovery GParted calls the third party software gpart.  We pass along the output from this command line program, but unfortunately it does not present much in the way of progress information.  Further gpart has not been actively maintained for many years.

You might also look at testdisk to recover partition tables and/or photorec to recover files.

See also GParted Manual - Attempting Data Rescue.