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Topic: GParted didn't do what I expected it to do


I deleted my swap partion and merged the resulting extra space with my home partition
but unfortunately the changes i made have not given the results i was expecting i.e
more space being avaible for me to use dev/sda5.The unallocated space at the bottom was my windows recovery.
What could possibly have gone wrong?



Re: GParted didn't do what I expected it to do

Note: I have edited the topic to reflect your actual question.

When composing an operation in GParted it previews how that will affect the disk.  The partitions are only changed when the [Apply All Operations] button is pressed.  It should never be a surprise what GParted does.

The question of what operations were performed can only be answered if you saved the details of what you did when applying the operations and you provide the saved details to us.  See Applying All Operations in the GParted Manual and in particular the [Save Details] button.