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I'm attempting to set up a bare bones Devuan-Live on a 4.0Gb SD Card to run just a couple of dedicated applications on my 2.0Gb ram netbook.
I want to just pop-in the SD Card, boot and run the app/s in a very nimble installation running just the needed processes.
Then I shut down and am done with it, without touching anything in the netbook's installation.

I'm able to write the image to the SD Card using the Rufus application from within an XP installation.
It works without any problems and the SD Card boots the Devuan image perfectly well, no issues there.

The problem arises when I shrink the FAT32 partition to make room for a persistent ext4 partition.
Once I shrink it to 1.0Gb (nothing else done) and try to boot from the card, I just get a blinking cursor on the screen.

This problem arises when I shrink the partition generated by the Rufus application and it happens whether it is a FAT or FAT32 partition.

I'm using the latest Devuan-Live image downloded from here ...
https://mirror.leaseweb.com/devuan/devu … p-live.iso

... writing the image to the SD Card with rufus-2.18p and resizing the FAT32 partition with GParted 0.31.0 from my Linux installation.

Any help will be appreciated.




Re: New thread - Resizing SD Card with Gparted 0.31.0

I suspect that you encountered the following bug in the libparted library which is used by programs such as GParted:

Bug 759916 - fat(32) resizing generates boot sector(s) with invalid jump instruction and pseudo-random boot code

To avoid this problem, boot from media containing GParted Live which contains a patched version of libparted.  See GParted News.