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Topic: Resize/Move /dev/sda1

I am trying to increase the size of my VirtualBox with GParterd 0.16.1 in windows xp Professional sp3
Right now it is in Resize/Move /dev/sda- GParted
And this is what it is set up as:
On the top is Resize/Move /dev/sda1
Maximum size 5512 MiB    Maximum size 9891 MiB
Free space preceding (MiB): 0
New size (MiB): 9891
Free space following (MiB): 0
Align to:                           MiB
Partition       File System  Label  Size             Used
/dev/sda2     ext2           /root   348.00 MiB   13.04 MiB
/dev/sda1     ntfs                          9.66 GiB     5.38 GiB
My BIOS SETUP UTILITY is as follows
Device    :Hard Disk
Vendor    :ST3320820SCE
Size    :320.0GB
LBM     :Supported
Block Mode    :16Sectors
PIO Mode    :4
Async Mode :MultiWord DMA-2
Ultra DMA    :Ultra DMA-5
SMART Monitoring    :Supported   

LBA/Large Mode    [Auto]
Block (Multi-Sector Transfer) M    [Auto]
PIO Mode    [Auto]
DMA Mode    [Auto]
SMART Monitoring    [Auto]
32Bit Data Transfer    [Enabled]
I do not want to get a message saying "can not find NTFS" and not to be able to get into my VirtualBox because I want to learn to program Unix.
I also know that Windows XP  limits how much space is used before it shuts the program down completely.
I was able to get into it this time with the way it is now but I do not want to set the partition and it not work.
How should I partition my C:/ drive so "can not find NTFS" message will not come up?


Re: Resize/Move /dev/sda1

What are you trying to do?  Shrink or grow NTFS?

If you wish to avoid the warning message about moving partitions, then do not change the starting sector of the partition when you choose resize/move.