Topic: DNS not working during PXE boot?

Hi all, before I ask my question, let me voice my frustration at the bot question challenge - it's ridiculous, what is wrong with using conventional CAPTCHA?!

Now then - I read the instructions on setting up PXE booting with GParted Live. The fetch parameter uses the placeholder "webserverIP" - does this mean DNS resolution isn't expected to work?
Booting 0.28.1-1 from PXE using URL with hostname instead of IP address fails when it should fetch filesystem.squashfs. Going by the logs, the system in initramfs got a DHCP lease, set the advertised DNS server in /etc/resolv.conf, but neither ping, nor wget can resolve domain names.

I upgraded from a much older release (0.13.1 I think..?), where this did work, so I assume this is a bug. As the images are served from a virtualhost, using IPs is not preferred.


Re: DNS not working during PXE boot?

I confirm this issue. The /etc/resolv.conf in initrd does exist and contain the DNS server setting.
However, somehow the tftp from busybox just could not resolve the FQDN. Will try to fix it.