Topic: Create GParted live usb on Mac

I need to run GParted on my Windows PC to try and find the recovery partition, which is lost, causing the PC not to boot currently.  I don't have access to another Windows PC to make the GParted Live usb, will it work if I make the usb on a Mac?



Re: Create GParted live usb on Mac

I do not have access to a Mac to confirm if this works or not.  Perhaps others have done this and can add their experiences to this thread.


Re: Create GParted live usb on Mac

I know it's probably too late, but just for the record:

I've come across a suggestion on Ubuntu's documentation for their iso images, and at least for gparted live 0.28.1-1, this works for it too:

  • Get GParted-live ISO, and use the native hdiutil to convert it to a UDRW image. Note - hdiutil will automatically append correct file extension.

hdiutil convert /tmp/gparted-live-0.28.1-1-amd64.iso -format UDRW -o /tmp/gparted-converted_UDRW
  • Use diskutil to figure out which device node you want to work with, and unmount all its partitions:

diskutil list
diskutil umountDisk disk2
  • Use dd to write the new image to the block device - use the entire device, not the partition! Also, use the raw device node for better performance:

sudo dd if=/tmp/gparted-converted_UDRW.dmg of=/dev/rdisk2 bs=2m


Re: Create GParted live usb on Mac

Thank you myxal for describing how to create a GParted Live USB on a Mac.