Topic: Fails to boot - UEFI issue?


I'm a bit of a newbie so please bear with me.
Just built a new pc (with a ssd nvme, asus lga1151). At the moment there's no OS installed, and I plan to partition the ssd in order to dual boot.

I've created a usb live version (turned off fast and secure boot in uefi/bios).
When booting the following error is first displayed:
[  3.543387] Failed to find cpu0 device node.
And then: unable to open '/dev/sda'
syspath not found

I've tried the various menu options for loading gparted, but get the same kind of error.

(I did get similar boot problems when trying to load a live usb of the latest linux mint, but managed to load ver 17.2 with unebootin. The gparted version in that distribution doesn't recognise the ssd nvme).

Any help in getting gparted to boot will be appreciated.


Re: Fails to boot - UEFI issue?

Update: I used live usb version of PingguyOS & gparted recognises the ssd.

Though would be good to figure out why the standalone live usb version of gparted doesn't boot.



Re: Fails to boot - UEFI issue?

Were you trying the latest version of GParted Live, currently 0.27.0-1?
Was it the i686 version or the amd64 one?

Automatic recognition of NVME devices was added in GParted 0.24.0.


Re: Fails to boot - UEFI issue?

Yes, the current i686 version.



Re: Fails to boot - UEFI issue?

We are working on a new release of GParted and GParted Live with betas over the next week and the official GParted release on Feb 14, 2017.  Perhaps you would be able to try that when it is available?

The beta testing version will land in the gparted-live-testing folder with a name like 0.28.0-beta1-1.