Topic: problem booting gparted-live cd on mac mini snow leopard

OK, I have a mac mini running snow leopard. I copied my old hard drive to a new SSD drive but now I am not able using Disk Utility to resize the drive to reflect its new larger capacity. I get the "Mediakit" error message so many others have seen.

In researching this I learn that many have solved this problem by inserting a gparted-live cd and booting from that disk. OK, so I download and burn a gparted-live cd. I put the cd in my mac mini and restart holding down the "c" key to reboot from the gparted-live cd.   A window comes up with a "1." on the first line and a "2." on the second line followed by some text. It's a dead window. Typing keys do not show up on the screen.

If someone else has done this successfully, what are the "very specific steps" one must follow to create and use a gparted-live cd to fix this specific issue with resizing partitions on a mac, in this case a mac mini running snow leopard.

Thank you very much!


Re: problem booting gparted-live cd on mac mini snow leopard

If you wish to grow the size of an HFS/+ partition then you may need to look elsewhere.  The free software tools available for HFS/+ file systems support shrinking, but not growing.  See GParted Features, specifically the section for HFS and HFS+.

If you you do not wish to grow HFS/+ then which exact version of GParted Live are you trying to boot?
Did you remember to burn the .iso file to CD-R as an image (e.g., not data)?