Topic: Avoid searching all partitions of another device

Hi all.

I've always used gparted to edit partions of my hard disks. I love it.
But in the last period I noticed that when I'm editing some partions of a device (for example my pendrive "/dev/sdb") and I change something, obiusly gparted will refresh the status of partions.. but there's a huge loss of time, cause it searches also in the other devices (for example in /dev/sda) where I have not edited anything. Sometimes it takes some minututes...
I really hope that will be implemented a new feature where gparted searches partions only of the device I'm editing, and avoids searching the other devices.

I hope you understand my bad english..
Thanks in advance.


Re: Avoid searching all partitions of another device

Thank you allexj for the suggestion.

There is some complexity involved because storage structures like RAID or LVM2 can span disk devices, and devices can have more than one name (e.g., /dev/mapper/isw_efjbbijhh_Vol0 === /dev/dm-0).  This complexity makes it more difficult to accurately determine which devices are impacted by changes.  Until we have this complexity resolved it is safest to refresh the information for all devices.