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Topic: [SOLVED] Update Testdisk to version 7.0-WIP

Testdisk has a couple of important bugs that are fixed in version 7.0-WIP.  Is this the right forum to ask that the next release add 7.0-WIP? Thanks.


Re: [SOLVED] Update Testdisk to version 7.0-WIP

This is the place to ask.

With GParted Live the focus is on making sure that the full capability of GParted is available.  For other supporting applications we use the versions packaged for Debian SID.  If a newer version is available, please consider requesting the updated version in Debian.  Then when it is packaged for Debian, it will picked up next when another GParted Live image is created.


Re: [SOLVED] Update Testdisk to version 7.0-WIP

The latest GParted Live 0.26.0-1 includes testdisk 7.0-1.drbl1.