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Topic: [SOLVED] Update HDPARM to version 9.48

I really like how gparted is simple and easy to use and appreciate your time to developing it.

Lot of parts in Gparted are imported and HDPARM  is one of them. Could you please update it, because now in gparted is 9.43 (year 2012) version included.  Newest version is 9.48 (June 2015).


Re: [SOLVED] Update HDPARM to version 9.48

GParted Live is based on Debian Live.  We use the applications packaged for Debian SID to ease the task of maintaining a live image.  One exception to this is that we do maintain our own software, specifically the GParted application so this is often a newer version than the one packaged for Debian SID.

When a newer HDPARM is packaged for Debian, then we will pick up the newer version when we build our next GParted Live image.

You can view what version of HDPARM is packaged by Debian at the following link:
https://packages.debian.org/search?suit … rds=hdparm


Re: [SOLVED] Update HDPARM to version 9.48

GParted Live 0.26.0-1 contains hdparm 9.48+ds-1.