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GParted recognized the partitions /dev/sda 7.03 GB
/dev/sda1 498 mb
I had Linux Mint Maya 13 installed
Then when I press attempt data rescue it couldn't find any FS.
Do I have to choose 'create partition table' to install another OS or have to format the HD and abandone the previous installation?


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What is the goal you are trying to accomplish?


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I need to recover my files from L Mint 13 Maya. Then I'll have to choose which Linux OS to install that'll fit in on my 8gb


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If "Attempt Data Rescue" was unable to find any file systems the another method of recovery is needed.

If the partition table is intact and the file system is mountable, then the easiest way to recover the data is to copy from the mounted file system to other media (for example a USB drive).

If the partition table is missing, you might try to restore it using testdisk.  Then mount the FS and copy the files.

If the above efforts fail, then you might try photorec to scan the surface of the disk looking for files it recognizes.  This is a time consuming endeavour so hopefully one of the earlier recovery methods works.