Topic: Missing window decorations in lxterminal

For a while I've had a problem that, at least at certain screen resolutions, lxterminal instances opened from the X display don't get titlebars drawn, and thus I can't move, resize, etc.  I used to be able to magically make them appear by switching to a sad low resolution like 1024x768.

With the latest stable gparted live, now this is a problem no matter what resolution I try sad

Has anyone else ever hit this?

I tried the info at http://fluxbox-wiki.org/category/howtos … ndows.html to add a hotkey to toggle the decorations, and this showed me that the problem is not that decorations are disabled for lxterminal windows, but that they are somehow being made fully transparent.  Not just transparent, but click-through -- as if the window shape was set to exclude the decorations from existence.  The

No other window I can open from the desktop icons in gparted live has this problem, ONLY lxterminal.

If I bring up the network and install vanilla xterm, it works fine.


Re: Missing window decorations in lxterminal

Unfortunately I do not see the same problem.  When I open a terminal window by double-clicking the desktop icon, or by right-clicking and selecting Terminals -> lxterminal the window always has a title bar.

One thing you might try is to restart the fluxbox window manager by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting fluxbox menu -> Restart.


Re: Missing window decorations in lxterminal

I've restarted fluxbox, etc., to no avail.

I should point out that this happens from a pristine boot of the live image, every single time, on multiple systems.

I wondered if there could be a rendering issue specific to the video card, but it has happened on systems with both nvidia and intel onboard video.  And the fact that I can click through the missing titlebar suggests something not specific to the video driver to me?


Re: Missing window decorations in lxterminal

I verified my boot disk was pristine to make sure there really really wasn't anything messed about on it, and then I played about with this in a VMware Workstation VM a bit, and found the following interesting behavior:

  • If X starts at 800x600, titlebars will show properly initially for as many terminals as I launch

  • If I change the screen resolution to anything higher, any newly launched terminals don't get a titlebar, but any still open keep theirs

  • Changing back to 800x600 does not allow new terminals to get titlebars again

On the physical PCs, X is now starting at a more native resolution, and so it starts in the bad state and can't recover sad

Screenshot from that VM: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x0ebs7761se6x … 2.png?dl=0

The terminal on the right was opened before changing the screen resolution, the one on the left after.


Re: Missing window decorations in lxterminal

The behaviour you describe is indeed strange.

The GParted Live image is based on Debian Live (SID).  If possible would you be able to try Debian SID to see if it exhibits the same behaviour?  If so then you could report the problem upstream.