Topic: Live CD/HDD Doesn't work.

To start with I can not boot the ISO via the cd since the grub bootloader seems to just overrule it. I then used the menu entry workaround (/etc/grub.d/40_custom) and made a separate partition for gparted. This loads but just stops at some point, commonly indicating something is missing although I'm using the latest zip/ISO files.

If logs are necessary I will post, I appreciate any help


Re: Live CD/HDD Doesn't work.

Are you able to boot any other Live CDs?

If not, then check the BIOS/UEFI to ensure that the CD/DVD drive is first in the boot sequence.


Re: Live CD/HDD Doesn't work.

I will try another live CD and see if it works.

Also, in my BIOS I do put the CD first, but it seems to show a white blinking underscore then continues to GRUB