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In my recent post about how to run GParted on a GNOME on Wayland desktop I added a URL link inside a list.  When rendered this produces a link which doesn't work.  It is prefixed with the forum URL.

Used this markup:

[*][url=https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1266771]Bug 1266771 - Under Wayland apps run via su or sudo are not authorised to connect to the X11 display server[/url][/*]

When rendered it provides this invalid URL:



Is this a configuration issue that can be fixed in the forum, or is it just a bug in the software and I should use the URL markup, but not in a list.


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Re: URLs not working in lists

It appears this problem can occur when PunBB v1.4.3 (our Forum software) is used in combination with PHP 5.5+.
PunBB Forum - Links in Lists


If possible, would you be able to downgrade PHP to v5.4 to work-around this issue?