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Topic: [SOLVED]PXE boot fails

I tryed pxe boot with gparted0.23.0.1.
And got following error.
Wainting for ethernet card(s) up... If this fails,maybe the ethernet card is not supported by kernel 4.1.0-1-586?
Built-in Ether card is Intel PRO/100,which driver is e100.
I found e100 driver in initrd.img.
any suggestions?


Re: [SOLVED]PXE boot fails

I tryed the same with gparted0.23.0.2(testing version)now.
It can boot from PXE.


Re: [SOLVED]PXE boot fails

Thanks tripod32 for reporting back with the GParted Live version that worked for you, and also for editing your initial post to prefix SOLVED in front of the title.