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Topic: how to clean letter from part? (before Windows)

I need to clean that D lettter from Volume 0, how I cando this in gparted???
I think this letter concept is from W world, does gpart knows about it?

I was able to change letter to C somehow choosing Boot option for Volume 1 by:
--Right click on your Recovery partition > Manage Flags > unselect “boot”
--Right click on your OS partition > Manage Flags > select “boot”
--After this Windows setup should set your OS partition as C:

But is it possible to clean D???

And I'm out of Windows !!!! I need to do it on boot.


Volume 0        D      System Reserv  NTFS   100MB
Volume 1        C                     NTFS   118GB         *W10 is here
Volume 2        E                     NTFS   492MB    hidden


Re: how to clean letter from part? (before Windows)

What do you mean by "clean that D letter"? 

From the brief description provided, D is a System Reserved partition and likely contains files necessary to boot Windows.  If you format the partition containing D then the OS might fail to boot.